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  • Bob Log and Burlesque at Rhythm Room
    Music Editor Martin Cizmar is not usually much for gimmick bands, but when Phoenix's paltry post-holiday concert calender has us planning to review Cherry Poppin' Daddies and Reel Big Fish within a week, options are limited. And so it was that he found himself at Bob Log III's show at The...
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  • First Friday on January 2, 2009
    Costumed freaks, innovative musical acts, and phenomenal artwork were all a part of the first First Friday of the year on January 2.
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  • The Epic Red Cup Massive NYE Extravaganza
    Taking place at some secretive location out in P-Town's desert outskirts, a crew of PHX turntablists held an all-night dance party on Wednesday, December 31, which featured cold booze, hot beats, and fire-spinning galore. (Read the Party Crasher’s report on the party).
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  • Forking: Champagne Soup
    C.M. Redding is back this week, Forking for the New Year. Here's his recipe for champagne soup. Read this week's spooning.
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  • Light Rail Launches
    Hundreds of thousands turned out to celebrate the long-awaited debut of Valley Metro’s light rail system on Saturday, December 27, 2008. The trains were packed and so were the various parties that occurred around the PHX. Here’s a a look at the some of the festivities that took place.
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  • Club Candids at Cheap Thrills
    Jared Alan's new DJ night at Black Forest Mill on Saturday, December 27th.
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  • Phoenix New Times Year in Photos
    Catherine Bell at the Super Bowl? Check. Twilight Fans dressed as vampires? Gorgeous Models modeling low rider-inspired bikinis? Double Check. See the top shots from 2008 in this slide show while we get to work on 2009.
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  • Party Crasher: American Junkie, Club FullFilled, The Vintage Lounge, and Rhythm Room
    Our investigator of the outrageous peeped the vibe at the newly-opened nightspots American Junkie in Scottsdale and The Vintage Lounge in Tempe, and got plenty of face time with fired-up rockabillies and the lovely-and-large ladies of Club FullFilled during the weekend of Thursday, December 18,...
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  • Performance Atheist: Making the Cover
    Dear lord did we have a lot of shots for this issue. Check out some of the alternate cover shot takes and a few more photos from inside this article.
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