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  • Latino-American Family Faces Hate Crime
    When Orlando Diaz returned to his mobile home recently from a two-week vacation in Mexico, he found the remnants of what looked like a skinhead hoedown...full story
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  • Fluor-Ascent! Has Hikers Lit Up
    Members AZ Cacophony decked out in LEDs, head lamps and other lighting materials to ascend the Piestewa Peak Summit Trail on April 11, 2009. As with AZ Cacophony such as "The Brides of March," the 1.2 mile hike promised a reward of alcohol upon completion provided no one had a run-ins with the...
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  • "Her Secret is Patience" public art piece by Janet Echelman
    The long-awaited work in the Downtown Civic Space is complete.
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  • Club Candids at Red Hot Robot
    A great turn out for the opening of the Resin Collective toy art show on Saturday, April 11th.
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  • Freak Shows and the Undead at the Zombie Ball
    Hundreds of the undead showed up to the venue of Scottsdale on Saturday, April 11, 2009, but things didn't really get scary until the "Pain Solution Sideshow" hit the main stage.
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  • Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Project
    Jules Verne's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" has nothing on the "Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Project," open to the public at The Gallery @ Scottsdale Civic Center Library until July 11, 2009. Crocheted coral reefs from around the world join together in a brilliant blaze of color -- and a...
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  • Forking: Bacon-Wrapped Scallop Love
    Relationships in Phoenix (I find) are both personally and emotionally dogshit. I'll go ahead and throw in "physically," too. I blame a lot of things, but I blame the sun most of all. I also blame our year-round summer for the lack of comfort food to soothe our ailing souls and psyche...full story
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  • Club Candids at Paisley Violin
    It truly was The Hip Joint on Saturday, April 4th.
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  • Tempe Music Fest 2009
    This weekend Tempe Music Fest 2009 united us once again from scattered Valley citizenry to one cohesive force bent on rocking the hell out. This year Fergy and My Chemical Romance got traded in for straight ahead rock-'n'-rollers Kid Rock and 3 Doors Down with a couple of All-American Rejects...
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