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  • Tuaca Body Art Evolution Tour at Orpheum Theatre
    Partially-clothed but fully painted dancers reinvented artistic expression on stage at The Orpheum during the Tuaca Body Art Evolution Tour on Feb. 8, 2009.
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  • Here Comes The Sun: Coachella Day Two
    Coachella was almost back to normal with no rain Saturday. All images by Timothy Norris. Related Content The Eye Of The Storm: Coachella Day One b>Related Content PHOTOS: Vestal Village's Coachella Party PHOTOS: Coachella Fashions: Ridiculous Edition
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  • Club Candids at Best Friends Forever
    There was a crew of kids at Club Red on Saturday, February 7th.
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  • A Whole Night In Phoenix Gets Rave-Tastic
    Pacifier-sucking, illuminated kids with a penchant for shakin' their groove thangs took to the Madison Events Center for the rave "A Whole Night In Phoenix" at The Madison Events Center on Feb. 7, 2009
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  • First Friday: February 2009
    Modified bikes, tasty drinks and The Love Me Nots had Phoenix's streets covered in First Friday fans on February 6, 2009.
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  • Katy Perry at Marquee Theater
    Katy Perry is hot! Well, she's cute and she's hot. This seemed to be the general consensus from the sold-out audience at Tempe's Marquee Theatre on Tuesday. ..full story
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  • Steelers Win Super Bowl XLIII and Nothing's Well In Cardinal-Ville
    At Upper Deck in Scottsdale hundred leave dejected after the Arizona Cardinals lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers on February 1, 2009. Meanwhile Steelers fans raise their terrible towels to the sky.
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  • AZ Derby Dames Season Opener
    The AZ Derby Dames rocketed on to the rink for the official fourth season opener on January 31, 2009. As these battlefield betties beat each other to bits, L.A.'s Devil Doll provided a kickin' soundtrack. Read: About the depth of Derby Dames fanaticism.
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  • O.A.R. at The Bird's Nest In Scottsdale
    Unless popular music has gotten to a place where simply having a guitar solo or reggae break in a song qualifies you as a jam band, these guys just don't fit the bill...full story
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