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  • St. Patrick's Day 2009
    The Valley saw green on March 17, 2009 as everyone and their blarney stones came out in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. If you were downing green beer, chances are you're in this slide show.
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  • Shizzfest at the Trunk Space
    More than a dozen of downtown Phoenix’s biggest bands performed both at the Trunk Space during the night-long music extravaganza sponsored by local music site The Shizz on Saturday, March 14...full story
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  • Club Candids at SMoCA Nights: Valley Fever
    It was a hemorrhage of the beautiful on Thursday, March 12th.
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  • The Brides of March Engage Tempe
    Riding on the heels of December’s “Santarchy,” “The Brides of March,” is the latest whacky social gathering created by Arizona Cacophony Society, the same people responsible for the Idiotarod. Their goal: total inebriation while sporting dresses usually reserved only for days of matrim...
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  • Art Detour 2009
    From Grand Avenue to Roosevelt Row, Art Detour kicked off in Downtown Phoenix on March 7, 2009. Read: about Art Detour
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  • Cosplay Creations at the Japanese Friendship Garden
    Whether you aspire to be a 1 or a 10 in Geekland, well, that's your prerogative. One of the highest-ranked activities in the system is cosplay, which rates about an 8 (-2 if the participants are totally hot) on the geek scale. What is cosplay, you ask? Let us enlighten you...full story
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  • Club Candids at Casey Moore's
    Just a Sunday night at a favorite bar on March 8th.
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  • Jimmy Eat World's Clarity X 10 Tour
    We've heaped hyperbole on Clarity all week here, and last night's show demonstrated why: from the opening drone of the esoteric "A Table For Glasses" through the soft acoustic touches on the 16-minute closer, "Goodbye Sky Harbor," it's a masterpiece on par with anything released in the...
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  • Great Arizona Beer Festival
    Walking in to The Great Arizona Beer Festival on Saturday, we promised ourselves that we would not stumble out like blithering idiots. Well, you know what they say about best laid plans....full story
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