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  • Green Day Was Here: Foxboro Hot Tubs at the Brickhouse on Sunday, May 25
    ...or at least the line outside. Several people piled up outside of The Brickhouse to get tickets to Foxboro Hot Tubs which were only for sale at the venue on the day of the concert. No cameras were allowed inside, but here are a few shots of what those waiting outside experienced.
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  • John Huntington's One Night Stand at E4
    Infamous party planner John Huntington turned E4 into the place to be on May 23, 2008. See what you missed in this slide show of the event.
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  • South By Southwest, Day One
    A chronicle in picture form of some of the SXSW live acts you could have caught on Wednesday, March 18, if only you had been in Austin, TX. And really, why weren't you? Featuring Alejandro Escovedo, Aqualung, The Dicks, and more. PHOTOS BY MARK C. AUSTIN
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  • Behind the Scenes: 1700 Curry
    As graffiti artists including Such and Dose worked to create their pieces on Building G at 1700 Curry, photographer Michael Healy caught them in the act. Now it's your turn to catch a rare glimpse of what a tagging masterpiece looks like before it's finished.
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  • Anti-Rock Stars: Blackmarket at the Brickhouse Theatre on Sunday, May 18
    Lake Havasu City-based band Blackmarket may not have their rock attitudes down but their music speaks for itself. Check out a few pics from their show at The Brickhouse on May 18, 2008 and read Niki D'Andrea's show review on Up on the Sun.
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  • Tag this: Graffiti artists converge on 1700 Curry
    Graffiti and traditional artists combined forces to cover building G at 1700 Curry with wall murals. These acts of tagging will be auctioned off to raise money to transform the self storage facility into a community art space.
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