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  • Behind the Scenes: 1700 Curry
    As graffiti artists including Such and Dose worked to create their pieces on Building G at 1700 Curry, photographer Michael Healy caught them in the act. Now it's your turn to catch a rare glimpse of what a tagging masterpiece looks like before it's finished.
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  • Anti-Rock Stars: Blackmarket at the Brickhouse Theatre on Sunday, May 18
    Lake Havasu City-based band Blackmarket may not have their rock attitudes down but their music speaks for itself. Check out a few pics from their show at The Brickhouse on May 18, 2008 and read Niki D'Andrea's show review on Up on the Sun.
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  • Tag this: Graffiti artists converge on 1700 Curry
    Graffiti and traditional artists combined forces to cover building G at 1700 Curry with wall murals. These acts of tagging will be auctioned off to raise money to transform the self storage facility into a community art space.
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  • Angela Johnson's Vaudeville Style Mystery Menagerie
    Phoenix-based fashion designer Angela Johnson showed off the pieces in her 2008 Menagerie Show at the recently renovated Clarendon Hotel pool on Saturday May 10, 2008.
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  • Hellzapoppin' Spring Demolition Derby May 10, 2008
    Cars displayed their mettle for combat amidst lawn mower races and tire pushes during the Spring Demolition Derby at the Hellzapoppin' Rodeo Arena.
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  • Making the Cover: Digital Summer
    Ask New Times Art Director Peter Storch and he'll tell you that a lot of work went into not only creating this week's cover image for Benjamin Leatherman's story on Digital Summer, but the art inside the feature as well. Here's your chance to take a look at some of the art that didn't quite...
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