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  • Peelander-Z at the Trunk Space
    Japanese action-comic punk band Peelander-Z show visited the downtown Phoenix performance venue on Sunday, March 29, and the freaks and geeks turned out to both watch and participate in the show...full story
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  • Celebrity Fight Night XV From the Red Carpet
    Michael Phelps, Forest Whitaker, Kurt Warner and more showed up to support Celebrity Fight Night which raised $6.6 million for charities such as the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center on Saturday, March 28, 2009.
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  • *Sadisco: The SadisClones Prosthetic Army
    Falsies were all the rage at Homme Lounge last night—but not the silicone-filled variety (for once). The SadisClones Prosthetic Army sadistic disco was more interested in fake arms, legs and in one case, eyeballs. This monthly dance party is a chance for Phoenix’s vinyl underbelly to shake...
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  • Aloft and W XYZ Grand Opening
    New Tempe Hotel Aloft and it's uber-chic bar W XYZ opened on March 27, 2009 to a crowd of trendy travelers.
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  • Sheriff Joe Returns to Guadalupe
    Yes, Arpaio did return to Guadalupe to address the town council Thursday night, almost a year after terrorizing Guadalupe with an immigration sweep on April 3 and 4 of 2008. But in doing so, he had to be protected with an overwhelming show of force that turned the town into a police state for...
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  • March 2009: Phoenix New Times In Photos
    March was packed full of green beer and dudes in wedding dresses. Take a look back at Mesa Strong Beer Festival, St. Paddy's Day, SXSW and More.
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  • Mutant Pinatas Back on the Attack in 2009
    Bragg's Pie Factory has once again been over run with mutant pinatas. You can attempt to see them in person, but we think it might be safer to just check out this slide show. See last year's pinatas.
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  • Club Candids at Bikini Lounge, Saturday
    This is what Super Sensational Saturdays at the Bikini Lounge looked like on March 21st.
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  • TequilaAZ Brings Agave Goodness to The Lath House
    The Lath House at Heritage Park has never been as lively as it was for Tequilaaz, a tequila and mescal festival that had hundreds downing agave goodness and feasting on faire from local restaurants...full story
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  • Twilight Midnight Release Party Direct From Hot Topic
    A house full of girls clamoring to answer vampire trivia or snag an Edward blanket waited for hours to have the shimmering vampire movie known as Twilight for their very own.
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  • St. Patrick's Day 2009
    The Valley saw green on March 17, 2009 as everyone and their blarney stones came out in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. If you were downing green beer, chances are you're in this slide show.
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  • Shizzfest at the Trunk Space
    More than a dozen of downtown Phoenix’s biggest bands performed both at the Trunk Space during the night-long music extravaganza sponsored by local music site The Shizz on Saturday, March 14...full story
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