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  • Club Candids at the Rose & Crown
    It was an emotional roller coaster at Super Bowl party on Sunday, February 1st.
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  • Steelers Win Super Bowl XLIII and Nothing's Well In Cardinal-Ville
    At Upper Deck in Scottsdale hundred leave dejected after the Arizona Cardinals lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers on February 1, 2009. Meanwhile Steelers fans raise their terrible towels to the sky.
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  • AZ Derby Dames Season Opener
    The AZ Derby Dames rocketed on to the rink for the official fourth season opener on January 31, 2009. As these battlefield betties beat each other to bits, L.A.'s Devil Doll provided a kickin' soundtrack. Read: About the depth of Derby Dames fanaticism.
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  • O.A.R. at The Bird's Nest In Scottsdale
    Unless popular music has gotten to a place where simply having a guitar solo or reggae break in a song qualifies you as a jam band, these guys just don't fit the bill...full story
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  • Arizona Cardinals: Making the Cover
    Here are some key moments in creating this week's cover.
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  • PETA Barbecues A Woman
    PETA representatives held aloft banners proclaiming "all animals have the same parts" as a bloodied woman "cooked" on a bbq stand in front of the Cattle Industry's Phoenix Convention on January 29, 2009...full story
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  • Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Gym Class Heroes and Keri Hilson at US Airways Center
    It was a looong night at US Airways, as the artist behind the bestselling album in the world last year, Lil Wayne, came to town. Who knows if he planned it this way, but the first line of his opener, "Mr. Carter," was painfully appropriate: "I hear you were looking for me?" Wayne claimed he was...
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  • A Look Inside the Resurrected Sail Inn
    Renowned Tempe bar and noted hippie hangout The Sail Inn is coming back from the, er...dead and re-opening to the public this weekend. Here's a look at the joint's remodeled digs and some of the folks who attended a special preview party on Tuesday, January 27.
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  • Forking: Baked Corn Casserole
    In this week's Forking column, Colin Redding illustrates the results of mixing dating with kids and America's favorite starch. Think you know some corny jokes? Watch out for this one. Yet cobs of the yellow stuff have more than humorous applications. Take this recipe for a baked corn casserole...
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  • Pittsburgh's Prettiest: Steeler Nation in Photos
    Wondering what Steelers fans look like in their natural habitat? We've searched flickr to find an assortment of Steeler Nation's finest citizens. Read: Arizona Cardinals Fans, You'd Better Get Ferocious or Steeler Nation Will Eat You Alive
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  • Willie Nelson at Dodge Theater
    If I didn't know better, I'd suspect country music legends entered in to an informal tontine some time in the mid-60s, pledging to play each other's best songs after the others had passed, all the way down to the last man standing...full story
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  • Club Candids at Big Fish Pub
    It was Sunday Funday at the Radio Phoenix benefit show on January 25th.
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