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  • Club Candids at Hazelwood's 1st Place Sports Grill
    A random weirdo crowd inspired by karaoke on Saturday, April 12th.
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  • Sticker Phiends at Hoodride Bodega
    Hoodride Bodega's current art exhibit will give you plenty of reason to stick around. Every piece in the "Sticker Phiends" show is adhesive art. Some pieces are actual stickers while others are labels and adhesive packaging with hand-drawn art. Sticker Phiends runs daily till the end of the...
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  • Shotfest 2 Featuring The Minibosses at Yucca Tap Room
    One shot before every song. That was the rule of Shotfest 2. The Necronauts, Vinfiz and Vine Land took the stage before giving it up to The Minibosses at the end of the night.
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  • Come On, Feel the Noise: The Subway Fresh Fit 500
    Sporting noise-suppressing ear phones and drinking $4 bottles of water, thousands of race fans made their way to the Phoenix International Raceway this past Saturday for The Subway Fresh Fit 500. While the race may have been the main attraction, most attendees sought cultural cohesion in...
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  • Phoenix Pride
    Several flocked to Steele Indian School Park this weekend to watch live concerts, shop hundreds of booths and get really drunk in the warm weekend sun while attending Phoenix Pride.
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  • On the Rocks at the Scottsdale Culinary Festival
    Suede nightclub celebrated the new Swedish vodka drink Absolut 100 with specialty martinis and mojitos such as the Dirty Millionaire Thursday night as part of the Scottsdale Culinary Festival's activities.
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  • Bout of Glory: Roller Derby Super Fans
    They're inches away from being dog-piled by teams of skating, punk ladies but these fans couldn't be happier. For Roller Derby regulars, getting trampled is tantamount to catching a pop fly. Take a look at some of the shots from the roller derby matches mentioned in Niki D'Andrea's cover story...
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  • The making of a cover
    Several shots and poses were taken before choosing the final image for this week's New Times cover story. Take a look at other photos from the shoot featuring roller girls doing what they do best: being mean and beautiful at the same time. Special effects make up for this shoot was done by Erin...
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  • Club Candids at at Cherry Bomb!'s April Pre-Pride Party
    It was a homo-haven for ladies at the Rogue on Thursday, April 3rd.
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