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  • DFA Records Tribute at Crescent Callroom
    Get ready to dance yrself clean, the DFA Records Tribute band went on without a hitch at Crescent Ballroom on Friday, March 20, 2015. There were no tribulations as guests wished Daft Punk would play at their house.Photos by Melissa Fossum
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  • Third Friday March 2015
    This month’s Third Friday was quite lovely due to colorful works by local artists and beautiful weather. We stopped by Palabra Collective, Growhouse, Modified Arts, Roosevelt A.R.T.S Market, and more to snap some photos of March’s Third Friday Art Walk.Photos by Melissa Fossum
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  • Pot Of Gold Music Festival at Tempe Beach Park: Day 4
    Korn returned to the valley on Tuesday to finish off the music event that brought thousands of people together to see a multitude of artists perform. Korn's set was a bit unique, as their performance centered around the band playing their debut album that launched their career 20 years...
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  • Saint Patrick's Day 2015 Parties in Tempe
    Whenever Saint Patrick's Day rolls around it means you'll see any combination of the following out at local bars: green hats, green beads, green clothing, and (of course) lotsa green beer. Such was very much the case along Mill Avenue in downtown Tempe on Tuesday, March 17, where thousands of...
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  • Club Candids: Spring Training Day-Drinking in Scottsdale
    Whenever the world champion San Francisco Giants play during Spring Training at Scottsdale Stadiums, it ain't just a game. Like many occasions in Scottsdale, its a reason to celebrate. And the celebrating tends to last long after the final out is recorded over in the city's entertainment...
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  • Viva Phoenix 2015
    The second annual Viva PHX music festival took over the streets of downtown Phoenix on Saturday. We captured some of the best moments from a weekend Valley music fans will never forget.Photos by Melissa Fossum and Benjamin LeathermanRead our reviews of Viva PHX.Andrew W.K., Unwritten Law - Viva...
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  • The People of Viva PHX 2015
    Thousands of music fans converged on downtown Phoenix and gathered inside 20 different venues on Saturday, March 14, for the Viva PHX music festival. Here's a look at some of the many folks who attended.Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
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  • Pot Of Gold Music Festival at Tempe Beach Park: Day 3
    Looking around at the people at Tempe Beach Park Sunday night, I couldn't help but giggle to myself the entire night, thinking, "Wow, it looks like a Fall Out Boy concert in here." I'd never seen the Illinois-based four-piece live before and I've never been much of a fan of their music. But...
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  • The Brides of March 2015 in Downtown Phoenix
    It was a nice day for a white wedding on Saturday, March 14, when participants of the annual Brides of March gathered at Charlie's and other downtown Phoenix bars for an afternoon of drinking and carousing while dressed in wedding finery. The madcap and matrimonial-themed urban prank and bar...
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  • Pot Of Gold Music Festival at Tempe Beach Park: Day 2
    Remember that one line in "Still Dre" where Dr. Dre tries to establish his credibility and continued relevance after a few years out of the spotlight by stating that his last album was The Chronic? Or that part in "The Takeover" where Jay-Z is ripping apart Nas's somewhat mediocre output but at...
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  • Pot Of Gold Music Festival at Tempe Beach Park: Day 1
    Overall, it was a glorious kick off to the Pot Of Gold Music Festival on Friday Night at Tempe Beach Park. With little exception, the afternoon and evening were filled with amazing acts, danceable grooves, and beautiful people. It also certainly helped that the weather was absolutely perfect...
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  • Exploding Plastic Inevitable at Phoenix Art Museum
    The Phoenix Art Museum had a massive turnout for Exploding Plastic Inevitable, a large party in honor of Andy Warhol’s Portraits exhibition. The crowd included posh ladies in vintage attire and drag queens ready to party. Wooden Indian performed a Velvet Underground cover set while dancers took...
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