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  • How to Make Sushi at The Sushi Room in Chandler, 8/10/13
    Sushi making isn't just about preparing food, it's an art form. Creating delectable spicy tuna rolls isn't as easy as sushi chefs make it look, which is why The Sushi Room offers sushi making classes on the second Saturday of every month. This two hour class focuses on the history of the tasty...
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  • Fetish Heat 2013 at the Venue Scottsdale, 8/10/13 (NSFW)
    Things got hot and heavy at Horns and Halos' annual Fetish Heat event at the Venue Scottsdale on Saturday, August 10. Abney Park and The Lore delighted fans with live music, and Life Suspended and Masuimi Max provided titillating live performances and sexy demonstrations in this evening of...
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  • Jen Deveroux's Barnyard Riot Art Show at Monarch Theatre, 8/10/13
    Prolific art party impresario Jen Deveroux, read George Orwell's Animal Farm as a teenager, and memories of the exploits of Snowball, Napoleon, and their cohorts bubbled to the surface when she was planning the theme of her latest event, which wound up becoming this weekend's Barnyard Riot Art...
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  • Doughnut Porn: 10 Best Doughnuts in Metro Phoenix
    Whether it's a bad break up, a morning board meeting, or a late night of drinking, there are moments when doughnuts simply call to us. Try as we might, when this deep fried fusion of sugar and dough speaks our name, nothing else will do -- not muffins, not croissants, and sure as hell, not...
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  • Bootleggers Brings the BBQ Renaissance to North Phoenix
    Given the handful of decent barbecue joints in the Valley, chasing the aroma of smoked meat is a little like finding relief during a Phoenix summer: There are moments of satisfaction, but for the most part, it's a losing battle. So it is both surprising and fortuitous that a place like...
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  • Club Candids at Bliss/ReBar in Downtown Phoenix
    This month's First Friday artwalk was unpleasant at times due to large crowds and sparse air conditioning, but Bliss/ReBar served as a haven for artistic folks looking to unwind and cool off. The downtown Phoenix bar was extra busy on Friday, August 3 in honor of the artwalk, and we caught tons...
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  • President Barack Obama Visits Phoenix, 8/6/13
    President Obama visited Phoenix Tuesday, August 6, to talk about his economic vision for the country and his plans to boost "responsible" homeownership. Phoenix, one of the worst-hit housing markets in the country during the economic collapse of 2007-08, has recently seen one of the strongest...
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  • Miss Native American USA Pageant 2013 in Tempe, 8/3/13
    Beautiful Native American women from all over the country represented their tribes at the second annual Miss Native American USA pageant at the Tempe Center for the Arts on Saturday, August 3, 2013. Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho Sarah Ortegon took the title of Miss Native American USA...
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  • First Friday in Downtown Phoenix, 8/2/13
    This month's First Friday artwalk proved to be one of the most crowded art events of the season, in spite of the muggy weather. Highlights included "Generations: Inspiration of Bird City" at Willo North, "Iron Interpretation" at Practical Art, a Haboob group show at Drive-Thru Gallery, Fin's...
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  • Sunset Strip Music Festival 2013 in West Hollywood: Day 3
    Day three of SSMF featured bands including Linkin Park, Orgy, Julien-K, and Smile Empty Soul. Check out all our photos from days one, two and three. Sunset Strip Music Festival 2013 in West Hollywood: Day 2 Sunset Strip Music Festival 2013 in West Hollywood: Day 1 Photos by Jim Louvau
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  • Sunset Strip Music Festival 2013 in West Hollywood: Day 2
    Former Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland bombed at the Viper Room during the second evening of SSMF. Weiland and his solo band butchered most of the STP classics. It's no wonder the band is thrilled with bringing Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington on board. Hoobastank (remember those...
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  • Sunset Strip Music Festival 2013 in West Hollywood: Day 1
    The 2013 edition of the Sunset Strip Music Festival kicked off in West Hollywood last night. Joan Jett was honored with a VIP tribute ceremony at the House of Blues and performances included Ours and 8MM, who stole the show at The Roxy. Photos by Jim Louvau
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