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  • Hollywood Alley's Final Weekend, July 26-28
    This weekend marked the end of an era, as Hollywood Alley prepared to close its doors after 25 years of iconic live music. The Mesa bar's three-day closing event featured performances by Pinky Tuscadero's WKAF (as well as a wedding officiated by Tom Reardon himself), Fred Green, Banana Gun, and...
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  • I Love Industrial Dance Party at Monarch Theatre, 7/27/13
    Monarch Theatre was full of folks sporting shiny, black vinyl outfits, gas masks, and an assortment of aggressive, pulsating beats for the appropriately titled "I Love Industrial" dance party on Saturday, July 27. The summer's definitive industrial showcase included performances by Tactical...
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  • The Maine at Crescent Ballroom, 7/27/13
    Ten years ago, a local band selling out a venue the size of the Crescent as convincingly as The Maine did Saturday night would likely mean that band would be on its way to a major label deal. The Maine, of course, are now two albums removed from one such deal, separating from Warner Bros....
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  • Matchbox Twenty at Comerica Theatre, 7/26/13
    As much as I embrace the label in a jaded attempt to disarm its pathetic sting, "hipster" doesn't really describe me. Particularly, I listen to literally hundreds of musicians, scattered from every genre you can name (except ska because fuck ska), but I never choose to "like" a band because...
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  • Eating Oaxacan-style at La 15 y Salsas in Sunnyslope
    On the subject of who has the best tamales in the Valley, the debate never seems to end. Given the countless national and international variations of the wrapped snack, the issue won't resolve itself anytime soon. But when it comes to tamales oaxaqueño, the discussion stops with La 15 y...
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  • Kid Rock at Ak-Chin Pavilion, 7/24/13
    Robert Richie, better known as Kid Rock, is no longer a kid, but he proved that he could still rock with the best of them last night at Ak-Chin Pavilion. Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" blasted until the line "Just a city boy born and raised in South Detroit." As the lights dimmed, Rock's...
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  • Club Candids at Casey Moore's Oyster House in Tempe
    A monsoon made Mill Avenue uncharacteristically vacant on Saturday night, but that didn't stop the regulars from flocking to Casey Moore's Oyster House for shelter. The laid back bar was full of Tempe residents gracefully avoiding puddles with pints in hand on July 20, 2013.Photos by Melissa Fossum
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  • Dos Gringos Industry Bowling Tournament, 7/21/13 (NSFW)
    Dos Gringos knows how to bring the service industry together with their annual bowling party. Bars, restaurants, and even Skin strip club compete every year in one of the most debaucherous parties of the year.Photos by Jim Louvau
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  • OH! Pool Party Valley Ho, 7/21/13
    Heavy rains and overcast weather didn't keep Sunday funday party-goers from visiting the OH! Pool party at Hotel Valley Ho over the weekend.Photos by Jim Louvau
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  • Third Friday in Downtown Phoenix, 7/19/13
    Third Fridays may not be as busy as First Fridays, but smaller crowds make it easier to navigate the Roosevelt Row and Grand Avenue Districts. We scoped out new exhibitions at R. Pela Contemporary Art, The Trunk Space, {9}, Bragg's Pie Factory, Modified Arts, Eye Lounge, and 1Spot on Friday,...
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  • Inside Lucky's King Wah in Glendale
    If you're a diner of the adventurous sort and happen to visit Lucky's King Wah in Glendale, it's a good idea to remember the words "Chef's Special." Check out the full review: Lucky's King Wah: Where the Chef's Special Is, Indeed, Special Photos by Jackie Mercandetti
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  • Club Candids: Darude at Wild Knight in Scottsdale
    Wild Knight was full of well-dressed Scottsdale residents grooving to legendary Finnish DJ Darude's lengthy set on Friday, July 12, which included remixes of hit songs such as "Sandstorm" and "Feel the Beat."Photos by Melissa Fossum
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