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  • The Brides of March 2015 in Downtown Phoenix
    It was a nice day for a white wedding on Saturday, March 14, when participants of the annual Brides of March gathered at Charlie's and other downtown Phoenix bars for an afternoon of drinking and carousing while dressed in wedding finery. The madcap and matrimonial-themed urban prank and bar...
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  • Pot Of Gold Music Festival at Tempe Beach Park: Day 2
    Remember that one line in "Still Dre" where Dr. Dre tries to establish his credibility and continued relevance after a few years out of the spotlight by stating that his last album was The Chronic? Or that part in "The Takeover" where Jay-Z is ripping apart Nas's somewhat mediocre output but at...
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  • Pot Of Gold Music Festival at Tempe Beach Park: Day 1
    Overall, it was a glorious kick off to the Pot Of Gold Music Festival on Friday Night at Tempe Beach Park. With little exception, the afternoon and evening were filled with amazing acts, danceable grooves, and beautiful people. It also certainly helped that the weather was absolutely perfect...
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  • Exploding Plastic Inevitable at Phoenix Art Museum
    The Phoenix Art Museum had a massive turnout for Exploding Plastic Inevitable, a large party in honor of Andy Warhol’s Portraits exhibition. The crowd included posh ladies in vintage attire and drag queens ready to party. Wooden Indian performed a Velvet Underground cover set while dancers took...
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  • First Friday in Downtown Phoenix: March 2015
    The First Friday Art Walk is one of the most popular events in the Valley and the March edition as no exception.Photos by Melissa Fossum
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  • Devoured Culinary Classic 2015
    We captured all of the excitement at the Devoured Culinary Classic 2015. Check out some of our favorites dishes and treats from over the weekend.Photos by Evie Carpenter and Jenny Zink
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  • Art Detour 27 in Dowtown Phoenix
    There was an abundance of creativity on display throughout downtown Phoenix during Art Detour 27, the latest edition of the yearly artistic extravaganza and self-guided tour of local galleries and studios on Saturday, March 6, and Sunday, March 7. Spaces along Roosevelt Row, Grand Avenue, and...
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  • Electric Dreams Music Festival at The Pressroom, 3/7/15
    If you were to describe a typical dream -- the ones you can still remember, at any rate -- its likely to have been a colorful, bizarre, and evocative experience filled with strange visions and even stranger characters. If so, it’d be similar to what unfolded at The Pressroom during the Electric...
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  • Paint PHX 2015 in Downtown Phoenix
    More than 60 different street artists, graf fiends, and painters got busy and got creative over Art Detour weekend as they adorned buildings and walls around Roosevelt Row, Grand Avenue, 16th Street, and other downtown Phoenix locations with legal murals as a part of Paint PHX. For three...
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  • Tempe Guitar Show 2015 at Antique Electronic Supply
    All manner of axes were on display or being played at the annual Tempe Guitar Show on Saturday, March 7, outside of Antique Electronic Supply. More than 40 different vendors and hundreds of musicians, audiophiles, and riff-masters alike attended the event, which celebrated the instrument and...
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  • Geeks' Night Out at Tempe City Hall, 3/5/15
    Anything and everything that one could nerd out about – from science and technology to gaming and science fiction – was celebrated at Tempe’s annual Geeks’ Night Out affair on Thursday, March 5, at Tempe City Hall. Naturally, there we also plenty of costumes and cosplayers at the event, too....
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  • Spider-Man World Record Attempt at US Airways Center, 3/5/15
    Dozens of Valley residents dressed as famed Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man and massed outside of the US Airways Center in downtown Phoenix on Thursday, March 5. The stunt coincided with coincided with the opening night of "Marvel Universe LIVE!" at the arena and was an attempt to set a...
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