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  • Club Candids: Fitted Misfits Takeover at Zuma Grill in Tempe
    There are two things the peeps behind the Fitted Misfits know well: Hawking t-shirts and raging pretty effin' hard. They did both this past Monday night at Zuma Grill in Tempe during their takeover of the Mill Avenue bar. And the Club Candids camera was there to capture all the chaos that...
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  • 30 Memorable Phoenix Concerts of 2012
    A look back at the year in music offers a vivid reminder of just how much fun we've had throughout the past 12 months. Radiohead, Roger Waters, Glen Campbell, and Wilco are just a few of the great concerts that come to mind. Here are our 30 most memorable concerts of the past year. What was...
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  • 100 Memorable Cosplay Images of 2012
    100 of the best, most creative or just plain memorable costumes we spotted at conventions from coast to coast. Comics, sci-fi, anime or otherwise, the costumes are here.
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  • BEER! Phoenix Brewers Invitational in Downtown Phoenix, 12/8/12
    The Phoenix Brewers Invitational kicked off at Heritage Square Park on Saturday, December 8, where guests had an opportunity to try a variety of beers. Papago Brewery was pretty popular, but the most buzzworthy drink of the evening was a White Chocolate ale. Brews weren’t the only...
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  • First Friday and Crafeteria in Downtown Phoenix, 12/7/12
    The last First Friday of 2012 included the second to last exhibition at Deus Ex Machina, Bob Adams' bright, youthful prints at Willo North, a new mural outside of Eye Lounge, and a collection of crafts and Christmas decor at Crafeteria at Medlock Plaza. See Also: Santarchy 2012 in Scottsdale,...
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  • Santarchy 2012 in Scottsdale, 12/8/12
    Although Christmas might be just over two weeks away, Santa Claus came to town this past weekend. As did Pimp Santa, S&M Santa, and Darth Santa, as well as an entourage consisting of countless sexy reindeer, dozens of drunken elves, and numerous walking holiday trees in tow. This year's...
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  • La La Land Music Festival 2012, 12/7/12
    The promoters of annaul EDM extravaganza La La Land decided to take things to a whole new level for its fifth edition on Friday, December 7, holding it at a higher-profile venue like the Phoenix Convention Center, as well as amping up the lighting, bringing in bigger acts (including Datsik and...
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  • Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding with Johnny Depp, 12/8/12
    Local shock rock legend and all Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame inductee Alice Cooper hosted his 12th annual Christmas Pudding holiday show last night at Comerica Theatre in downtown Phoenix benefiting his Solid Rock Foundation. This year, Cooper had Pudding alum Don Felder, L.A Guns, Sebastian Bach,...
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  • Ten Favorite Strip Clubs in Metro Phoenix in Photos (NSFW)
    Local strippers and the clubs that employ them have had to put up with some major crap from government in the past few months. In case you hadn't heard, a cadre of uptight right-wing officials and politicos (including a few members of the Arizona Legislature) have been attempting to get...
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  • Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band at Arena, 12/06/12
    Who is Bruce Springsteen anyway? The street rat poet singing about characters straight out of West Side Story? The balladeer casting American youth in B movie glory, Roy Orbison grandeur, and fleets of fast cars? The protest singer, spitting bile at corrupt bankers and politicians? The soul...
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  • 60 Memorable EDM Photos of 2012
    2012 was the year that electronic dance music blew up -- at least in the eyes of the mainstream media and the Grammys. Still though, it was undoubtedly a good year for the genre, from the dubstep purveyors to the beat scene to the underground. Here's a look back at EDM parties large and small...
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  • 20 Baddest Movie Villains of 2012
    Curated by Village Voice film editor Alan Scherstuhl.
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