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  • Downtown Phoenix Mardi Gras @ CityScape
    The Downtown Phoenix Mardi Gras parade at CityScape didn't quite compare to the Louisiana original but that didn't stop hundreds of downtown denizens from filling the streets with boats, floats and a bunch of beads. PHOTOS BY RYAN WOLF.
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  • Body Art Expo at the Arizona State Fairgrounds
    The World's largest tattoo expo came to the Arizona State Fairgrounds this weekend. Tattoo fanatics and pretty pierced people came together and celebrated all things ink. PHOTOS BY RYAN WOLF.
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  • VICE Magazine's Project X Party at Clubhouse Music Venue
    VICE Magazine put on a special sneak preview of high school party flick Project X in Tempe on Sunday, February 19, and then followed it up with a potent party of their own at the Clubhouse Music Venue. Rapper Pusha T and hipster selecter Jesse Marco performed while the crowd drank beer and...
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  • Take a Visual Journey Through AZ Wine Merchants, Baratin, and Bodega
    AZ Wine Merchants, Baratin, and Bodega offer a cozy respite from the mid-day rush in the maze of turquoise that is Old Town Scottsdale. The trifecta presents customers the option to find a new local wine, dine in (or out on the soon-to-come patio), or pick up something fresh (and most likely...
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  • Glen Campbell, Comerica Theatre, 2/18/12
    Going in, there was a fear that Glen Campbell's Goodbye Tour concert would devolve into little more than a nostalgia act. That Campbell, struggling with the early onset of Alzheimer's disease, would duly try his best to work through carefully guarded and pre-arranged songs with the minimum...
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  • The Darkness at Celebrity Theatre, 2/18/12
    The Darkness is doing pretty well for what could be a considered a one-hit wonder band. After a five-year hiatus and some rehab visits, The Darkness is back in full force with its original line up. In spite of the hiatus, these guys seemed genuinely happy to share the stage at the Celebrity...
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  • Third Friday in Downtown Phoenix, 2/17/12
    Third Friday may have been quieter than usual this month, but it still featured plenty of new works by local artists such as Claire A. Warden, Morgan MacCallum and Chris "Mudhead" Reynolds. PHOTOS BY RYAN WOLF.
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  • Islands and Idiot Glee @ Crescent Ballroom 02/15/12
    Last night at the Crescent Ballroom felt a lot like a high school dance. This cool Canadian indie pop band that not many people were familiar with played a good mix of fast and slow songs that were great for dancing for the most part, yet most of the crowd sat still. It's obviously not cool to...
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  • Club Candids: Hearts of Darkness Anti-Valentine's Bash
    Both Valentine's Day and Singles Awareness Day are overrated. Regardless of what you're celebrating, with the exception of Arizona's Centennial, you were probably setting yourself up for disappointment on the 14th. Obscura smartly hosted its Hearts of Darkness Anti-Valentine's Bash before the...
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  • Night Owl: Saturdays with Mitchell Leonard at O.H.S.O
    So you go to O.H.S.O. and what do you know, there's no nanoBrewery or Saturday night drink specials. Somehow O.H.S.O. and Saturdays with Mitchell Leonard are still a cool, cute and casual way to spend your evening. PHOTOS BY RYAN WOLF.
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  • Lenny Kravitz with Raphael Saadiq @ Comerica Theatre
    The baby-making music was full-speed ahead at Lenny Kravitz's show Sunday night at Comerica Theatre. Clearly, the crowd was disgustingly excited, everyone on their feet before Kravitz even took the stage. He easily proved that he's still the same rock 'n' roll sex symbol he's been for so many...
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  • Arizona Best Fest: Celebrating the Centennial
    The Arizona Best Fest celebrated the very best of Arizona and its 100 year history. PHOTOS BY RYAN WOLF.
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