Lady Gaga, US Airways Center, 1/23/13

It's been a hot minute since Lady Gaga has released any new music, but that didn't stop her Little Monsters from coming out in full force to support her at her sold-out Born This Way Ball at US Airways Center last night. The more than two-hour long spectacle delivered on eye candy and high notes, all with plenty of inspirational messages rolled in for good measure.

The storyline of the night centered around Gaga's make-believe imprisonment in GOAT, or Government Owned Alien Territory, and her desire to break free. A massive castle (the biggest stage set I've ever seen in all my concert-going) took up the far end of the stage, with a circular runway jutting out into the audience that allowed Gaga and her dozen or so dancers to catwalk around the crowd as they pleased. Read the full review of Lady Gaga at US Airways Center.

Photos by Jim Louvau

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