"Leaving My Father's House" By Katherine Zsolt at the Icehouse

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Kathleen Vanesian

"Three Dresses," one of a series of cast sand panels in the Icehouse's Column Room created from abstracted sketches artist Katherine Zsolt made to narrate the story of "Allerleirauh" by the Brothers Grimm. Zsolt learned the technique from architect and Arcosanti creator, Paolo Soleri.

One of the most memorable art installations ever mounted at the Icehouse in downtown Phoenix, "Leaving My Father's House" is a sprawling, three-part sculptural installation by Canadian artist Katherine Zsolt. Based on a dark, early 19th century fairy tale, "Allerleirauh," by the Brothers Grimm, this haunting work explores not only rocky psychological terrain, but the toxic environmental landscape we're presently bequeathing to our children.

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