New Year's Eve Flannel Ball & Art Show at Lawn Gnome

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Hanging out behind Lawn Gnome at New Year's Eve Flannel Ball.

While most Valley folk were drinking it up while counting down the hours until 2014 dawned, the members of the Fifth Street creative scene were hanging out at the the '90s-themed New Year's Eve Flannel Ball and Art Show at Lawn Gnome Publishing and the 909 Housing Collective. The artsy event offered music from Andy Warpigs, Sister Lip, Wolvves, and others, as well as works by such artists as Sierra Joy, Casebeer, J.J. Horner, Brandon Huigens, and Tara Logsdon.

Photos by Benjamin Leatherman

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Published on January 1, 2014

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That is not Andy Warpigs, that's Wolvves. Get it together. Warpigs is fucking amazing, but it's not the same music- at all.


Wolvves is fucking brilliant, they deserve proper recognition!

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