President Barack Obama Visits Phoenix, 8/6/13

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President Obama visited Phoenix Tuesday, August 6, to talk about his economic vision for the country and his plans to boost "responsible" homeownership. Phoenix, one of the worst-hit housing markets in the country during the economic collapse of 2007-08, has recently seen one of the strongest rebounds. Throughout his campaign-style speech, Obama repeatedly talked about strengthening the middle class. Check out our full slideshow of Obama's visit to the Valley.

Photos by Maria Vassett

Published on August 6, 2013

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Hope he skips going through Mohave County, Arizona they have a local Birther Queen there who posts 24/7 on her anger, hatred for President and how he is a illegal Kenyan and not legitimately eligible for presidency, seems the Kingman Daily Miner panders to this type of racist rhetoric, but not surprising since Mohave county was where Timothy McVeigh and his pal chose to have their bunker to plan and plot the Oklahoma city bombing and where not to long ago a rogue minute man, white supremacist now on Arizona death row for murdering a 9 year old Hispanic girl fled after being wounded in a botched home invasion robbery south of Tucson to seek some aide and comfort for his wounds! I have long wondered why this one county seems to harbor so many notorious white supremacists? Reading this ladies blog on newspaper helps me think something vile, dangerous must be in the water down there!

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