Protest at Tent City Goes On After Announcement of Its Closure

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Maria Esquinca
Adonias Arevalo holds a flag that fuses the LGBTQIA and Mexican flags during a rally at Tent City.
Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone held a press conference on Tuesday and announced the closure of Tent City. This has long been one of the goals of immigrants'-rights groups in Phoenix. A few hours after Penzone's announcement, protesters marched at Tent City and celebrated the announcement. Activists said merely closing the open-air jail is not enough. "We need to remember. We can't forget about who sits in these prison cells, and these jail cells," said Erika Ovalle, one of the activists on the scene. Activists also denounced the living conditions within Tent City, and said they would continue to advocate for issues that affect the Latino community. The protest was planned prior to Penzone's announcement.