Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Birther Press Conference

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Arpaio's continuing Birther probe proves to be catnip for the media.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Cold Case Posse lead "investigator" Mike Zullo added nothing to their running total of zero evidence that President Obama's birth certificate is fake, which they presented at a press conference this afternoon.

The "evidence" that Zullo presented wasn't quite as ground-breaking as the Cold Case Posse had built it up to be leading to the press conference -- just like the last time the posse did the build-up to a disappointing press conference. Read the full story here.

Photos by Jamie Peachey

Published on July 17, 2012

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Mr Arpaio...

Keep it simple, think simple, could be as simple as letters in the name..

I should not reveal this but I feel its my duty as a patriotic redblooded American...years ago there was a group of trainee Workers from Africa brought over to learn the particulars of operating a gas plant, they were brought in by a*major Oil/Gas in the US facility for months then sent back to take over operations of a plant in I think Nigeria if I recall correctly...

They were or seemed to be good bunch a Guys, hard workers, dedicated, great humor...

But you never know, you know joe? 

Anyway 1 kept saying he longed for the day when an African would be President of the United States..

said it would be a great thing and he said in a very confident way, soon....he also made reference to a small village many times, talked of how life was very hard there but good things would soon come for that village....can't for the life of me recall his name or the village name....that was in 2004 I think...the years do fly by as you know, hard to keep track sometimes...

Most just shrugged it off, except a few higher ups in management, they seemed very upset that this Guy was talking, well almost like they were upset He was talking too much...

Very strange....

and what happened not that long ago?  "President Obama welcomed leaders from across the African continent to the nation's capital for a three-day U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit"

Keep digging Mr Arpaio, something is just not right...


This would be very sad for all people from Kenya if it would be fake. I think even the tourism benefits of this fact. After Obama became president investment started to boom, mainly in Diani beach:


Here's a thought.  If the media stopped covering Joe and his looney minions...perhaps he would go away & actually do the job he was elected to do.  If people and the media keep paying attention to Joe, they are only adding fuel to the fire, and this region continues to be the laughing stock of the rest of the nation...and the world.  Make the nut buy airtime or give blacked out press conferences.  Just sayin'! Don't you think that the McCain campaign and the GOP sleaze machine fully vetted where Obama was really born and had he been born in Kenya, they would have been the 1st to bring that to light BEFORE the election.  Let's be real...does anyone really think some loon Sheriff who is addicted to the spotlight and little more & his Scooby Gang would be the one's to uncover it!?!?!?  Really!?!?!?  People can't possibly be THAT STUPID!   Nuts are best ignored!  Just sayin'!!!!! Coincidentally, our good Senator John McCain actually WASN'T born in the United States....having been born in the Panama Canal Zone (which since it is a U.S. Territory, it was determined that he technically was eligible to become President).  Kind of funny when you think about it.


It would be good to ask Arizona Secretary of State Bennett what he thinks, meaning whether he believes Sheriff Joe or the officials in Hawaii. Back when Hawaii confirmed the facts on Obama's birth certificate Bennett accepted that confirmation. Now Sheriff Joe is implying that they are lying. Does Bennett Believe Hawaii or does he believe Sheriff Joe?

Douglas H. Book
Douglas H. Book

"not ground breaking??" "disappointing??" Remarkable. Apparently it is not ground breaking to find the president has perpetrated a fraud on the American public with the direct assistance of government officials and private individuals throughout the nation!

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