Street Eats Food Truck Festival 2014 at Salt River Fields

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Thousands came out to Salt River Fields to sample dishes from a myriad of the Valley's food trucks at the third annual Street Eats Food Truck Festival.

In its third year, New Times' annual Street Eats Food Truck Festival has become a must-attend event for the food truck fan and novice alike.

As always, there were some delicious bites, but long lines and confusion over payment methods made for some minor hiccups during the festival.

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Photos by Evie Carpenter

Published on January 26, 2014

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There's no better validation for a food truck owner:
hour long wait at your truck = you're doing something right

no wait at your truck = time to consider a new profession or fire the chef

The wait at the Maine Lobster Lady was worth the wait. Chilled lobster claw meat heaven.
The dogs at Frank were fantastic.
LuLu's Italian Ice was refreshing and I wanted more.
I had a super fresh lemonade from some place I don't remember. Adding vodka would have been nice.

DGP Fry Bread - the funnel cake was typical funnel cake. The fry bread with brisket and slaw was SUPER disgusting. I could not chew the brisket enough to convince my gag reflex I was not going to choke on the sole of a biker boot. It found a new home in a napkin and trash can. YUCK.


More like must-wait event.  Long lines at the better trucks.  What would you expect when thousands show up to eat from trucks that usually serve hundreds.  Nice idea, poor planning. 

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