Strong Beer Festival 2014 at Steele Indian School Park, 2/15/14

Arizona Beer Week 2014 officially kicked off on Saturday, February 15, with the Strong Beer Festival held at Steele Indian School Park in Central Phoenix. More than 100 breweries showed up, each featuring a variety of their craft brews for attendees to imbibe. Lots of specialty, limited edition kegs were tapped throughout the event, drawing huge lines to some of the brewers' tents with those eagerly awaiting a rare opportunity to enjoy a taste of something special such as Fate Brewing's Imperial Candy Bar Milk Stout, Old World Brewery's Whiskey Sour Bourbon Barrel Scotch Ale, and Odell Brewing's Creme Brulee Porter, just to name a few.

Steele Indian School Park proved to be a painful venue for beer drinking due to offering zero shade and ample sunburns. A cooling station that fan-blasted mist onto the crowd was a favorite area for many folks to visit and rejuvenate themselves after wandering around in the sun and freakishly warm February weather that was in the mid 80s. Relief was also supplied by various food vendors who served deliciousness to supplement the only food attendees were allowed to bring into the event: the mighty pretzel necklace. Check out the full review of Strong Beer Festival 2014

Photos by Jeremiah Toller

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