World of Beer Grand Opening in Tempe

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World of Beer has arrived on Mill Ave in Tempe. And as its name suggests, it has a HUGE selection of beer to choose from -- more than 500 bottled beers, and some 50 tap selections. The Black Bottom Lighters were playing live music from the balcony and just below, a row of televisions had the Olympics and other sporting events on. It's a beer lover's paradise.

Photos by Melanie Mathieu

Published on August 9, 2012

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Smooth_Hoperator 1 Like

This place is great for introducing people to craft beer and at the same time is going to have some goodies for beer lovers as well. The more places I have to get a great beer the better and having some "beer geeks" behind the bar makes me trust WOB to make good decisions. Twenty-plus local beers on tap? Sounds good to me. Cheers! 


Taste of Tops down the street has the same beer for cheaper, better parking and is less noisy. Taste of Tops is also a local family run business and not run by some corporate megalith.

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