Z-Trip, Axis/Radius, 2/2/13

Whatchu know 'bout Z-Trip?

In all seriousness; if you asked this question to any of your local peers, I'm willing to bet that nine out of ten will know the ubiquitous DJ name, and eight out of ten know him personally (or claim to know him personally) from that one time at (insert DJ night or music festival name here).

I'm also willing to bet that every single one of the people who are either familiar with Z-Trip (or Zach Sciacca) have nothing but words of praise, worship, or just simply down right respect for this "hometown hero" who has undoubtedly been a forefather of the art of turntablism. Read the full review here.

Photos by Melissa Fossum

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Axis/Radius - Closed

7340 E. Indian Plaza
Scottsdale, AZ 85251



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