Zombie Walk 5 in Downtown Phoenix, 10/26/13

The Downtown Phoenix Partnership presents Zombie Walk 5, the biggest zombie walk Phoenix has hosted to date. An estimated 12,000 participants marched in the actual walk, while an estimated 18-20,000 attended the festival. Shortly after Phoenix Comicon, the Downtown Phoenix Partnership website posted "If this past weekend's Phoenix Comicon Zombie Walk was any indication, Zombie Walk 5 on October 26, 2013 is going to be legendary. Guinness World Record legendary, even."

If the estimated numbers are accurate, this boast could actually be true since the most current Guinness World Record for Largest Gathering of Zombies is 9,592, a record held by the New Jersey Zombie Walk on October 5, 2013. If measures were taken to make this record "Officially Amazing" by Guinness standards, we could soon be on the map in the zombie world.

Photos by Jeremiah Toller and Tina Riddle

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