• Our 10 Marijuana Stories With the Highest Readership in 2017
    December 15 at 8 a.m. by Stuart Warner

    There's no doubt that Phoenix New Times marijuana stories get a high number of readers. Here are the 10 you clicked on most in 2017. 

  • Look at the Progress on the South Mountain Freeway
    December 14 at 7:09 a.m. by Sean Holstege

    Far from view, in fact 750 miles away in San Francisco, perhaps the most significant ruling for the South Mountain Freeway took place last week, which may make the opening of a reliever route to congested I-10 a reality in late 2019. On…

  • Our 20 Most-Read News Stories in 2017: Guess Who Was in Four of Them?
    December 12 at 7:26 a.m. by Stuart Warner

    It's perhaps no surprise that four of our 20 most-read stories of the year involved President Donald Trump. And it's probably even less surprising that dumb things by our Legislature occupied three of the top six spots. Flip through the photos,…


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  • Screenshots From Police Video Detail What Happened at Trump Rally Protest
    December 8 at 2:30 p.m. by Sean Holstege

    Phoenix New Times has reviewed nearly 3,900 photos and videos from police surveillance and witness cameras that recorded the protests following a rally for President Donald Trump in Phoenix on August 22. The evidence details how the unrest began…

  • Fallout From Motel 6 Leaving the Light on for ICE
    November 29 at 7 a.m. by Multiple Authors

    Two Motel 6 locations in Phoenix were providing daily guest lists to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, before Phoenix New Times revealed the practice in September. For at least 20 undocumented guests who were arrested at the motels, their lives…

  • A Look At Arizona's Japanese Interment Camps, Through Their Newsletters
    November 27 at 7 a.m. by Antonia Noori Farzan

    During World War II, more than 30,000 Japanese-Americans were interned at the Gila River War Relocation Center and the Poston War Relocation Center, both in rural Arizona. Arizona State University archivist Robert Spindler has spent the past…

  • CBD Entrepreneurs: Their Medical-Cannabis Compound Cannabidiol Biz Literally Growing
    November 16 at 7 a.m. by Ray Stern

    As Phoenix New Times' cover explains this week, CBD, a.k.a. cannabidiol, has been around for a while but is finally going mainstream — in spite of a U.S. Drug Enforcement pronouncement that it's an illegal cannabis extract. Chris Martin and his…

  • Veterans Day Parade Brings Families and Service Members Together
    November 13 at 10:35 p.m. by Joey Jepson

    Thousands lined the blocks for two miles in the heart of Phoenix to honor our nation's military service on Saturday, November 11. Here's a look at some of the excitement that took place.

  • Kelli Ward and Steve Bannon Echoed Trump's Vision at Scottsdale Fundraiser
    October 18 at 9:10 a.m. by Jim Louvau

    Steve Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart News, joined Republican Senate hopeful Dr. Kelli Ward at a campaign kickoff fundraiser Tuesday night in Scottsdale. So it's probably not a coincidence that almost every sentence could have been a…

  • The 2017 Southwest Cannabis Convention and Expo: Unconventional, Educational
    October 15 at 10:49 p.m. by Ray Stern

    The people are what made the 2017 Southwest Cannabis Convention and Expo such a high-quality event. More than 3,000 checked out hundreds of vendor booths, saw speakers, and met other industry-interested types. See some of the highlights here, from…

  • Local Nonprofits Help Color in the Gap Susan G. Komen Left in Arizona
    October 12 at 9:46 a.m. by Lindsay Moore

    For the first time in two decades, there will not be a Race for the Cure in Phoenix. Arizona's affiliate of Susan G. Komen shut its doors this summer and left the 4,870 Arizona women who are likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer this year to…

  • Closed for Good: A Final Look Inside Tent City
    October 10 at 10:05 a.m. by Tom Carlson

    This weekend Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone finally closed Tent City, former Sheriff Joe Arpaio's notorious open-air jail, for good, just months shy of its 25th anniversary. In February 2015, photographer Deanna Dent toured the facility along…

  • The D-backs' Exciting Comeback Season Ends Getting Swept by the Dreaded Dodgers
    October 10 at 8:54 a.m. by Jim Louvau

    After transforming themselves from a team that lost 93 games in 2016 to a team that won 93 games in 2017 and then a 94th in a thrilling Wild Card game last week, the Diamondbacks finished with a thud, getting swept  by the rival Los Angeles Dodgers…

  • Watch These Buses, School Buses, Government Vehicles Breaking Traffic Laws
    October 9 at 11 a.m. by Ray Stern

    A review of Scottsdale photo-enforcement records from the first half of 2017 showed a large number of city buses running red lights and other government violators. But as a Phoenix New Times story today explains, government officials, including…

  • Diamondbacks Outlast Rockies in a Wild Wild Card Game to Advance to NLDS
    October 5 at 7:49 a.m. by Jim Louvau

    It wasn't pretty, but the Arizona Diamondbacks held off the Colorado Rockies 11-8 Wednesday night in front of a sold-out crowd at Chase Field to advance to the National League Division Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. On paper, the…

  • <i>The Vietnam War</i>: 16 Iconic Photos From the Ken Burns-Lynn Novick Documentary
    September 27 at 6:56 a.m. by Stuart Warner

    The Vietnam War, a 10-part, 18-hour documentary film series directed by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, continues this week on PBS Channel 8. The immersive narrative tells the story from both sides of the DMZ. Here's look at some of the iconic photos…

  • Slideshow: What Can We Expect From the 2017 Arizona Cardinals?
    September 6 at 7:04 a.m. by Jim Louvau

    What an exciting 2017 it's been for Valley sports fans this year. The Arizona Diamondbacks are on a roll, and it appears they are heading for the playoffs, and the Arizona Cardinals begin their season this week. If we've learned anything in recent…

  • Inside the Nuclear Fallout Shelter at Papago Park
    August 29 at 7 a.m. by Joseph Flaherty

    New Times went inside a fallout shelter, originally built in 1956, at the headquarters of the Maricopa County Department of Emergency Management. The facility on the Papago Park Military Reservation is home to the county's emergency operations…

  • Boxing Fans Pack Roadhouse in Cave Creek for Mayweather-McGregor Fight
    August 28 at 7:33 a.m. by Jim Louvau

    There were plenty of bars in the Valley offering fans the chance to check out the much-anticipated Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight, but there may not have been a better place to catch the action than Roadhouse in Cave Creek, because the…

  • Our Favorite Images of Sheriff Joe Through the Years
    August 25 at 5:16 p.m. by Phoenix New Times

    The verdict is in. The former Maricopa County Sheriff is guilty of criminal contempt in the case of United States v. Joseph M. Arpaio. With this news, we thought it might be worthwhile to look back at the contempt many have felt for this newly…



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