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Arizona's Centennial

Long before we were officially a state, Arizona was making history -- and not all of it bad, though some of it certainly borders on the unbelievable. In 1910, a Maricopa County Sheriff by the name of Carl T. Hayden took part in the first known automobile chase. He caught the bad guys and used the good press to great advantage, winning a seat in Congress and going on to be the first seven-term U.S. Senator. Take that, Sheriff Joe. We leave this project wishing it were the state's bicentennial, because we certainly could have gone on with another 100 moments in Arizona history. We didn't even get to mention Bob Corbin's honesty, Erma Bombeck's wit, Glen Campbell's rhinestones or Rose Mofford's hair, not to mention Pat Tillman's bravery. This state is young, and sometimes immature -- a mess in progress, we like to say -- but people here believe what they believe with a passion (and sometimes a vengeance), and no doubt it's a fascinating place to call home.

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