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Cracked Houses

Since homebuilding is Arizona's main economic engine - and since a home is the biggest investment that most local families will make - you might assume that government officials take great pains to make sure construction here is done right. You'd be wrong. Fact is, thousands of Valley homeowners have been affected by bad soils here. This special report reveals that most of the problems that result from the soils in question are highly preventable, but builders take shortcuts that save them a few grand per house, at the most. They've learned that if they screw up a new home, the only discipline they have to face is, eventually, fixing it. And that's only if the homeowner decides to take on a fight.

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  1. Cracked Houses
    Homes all over Arizona are falling apart. Blame the bad soil -- and the lousy construction
  2. Soiled Hands
    It's no surprise that builders take shortcuts to make money. What might shock you: Government officials -- from regulators to legislators -- do little to stop them
  3. Through the Cracks
    News Sidebar
    Municipal building inspectors may not catch soil problems
  4. Survey Says . . .
    News Sidebar
    Are new homes shoddy? Depends who you ask
  5. House Arrest
    A Sun City couple beat Del Webb in court. So why is their house still a mess?
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