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Wrecking Phoenix

Three years since Phoenix New Times ran our "Exploding Downtown" series, the wrecking ball is still taking aim all over downtown, threatening what little history the city has left to preserve. Will Phoenix wind up a cross between Disneyland and Mill Avenue?

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  1. Leveled?
    Proposals on their way to the Phoenix City Council could put the historic warehouse district in jeopardy
  2. Matt's Big Hassle
    Three years ago, Mayor-elect Phil Gordon promised to make it easier for small businesses to renovate old buildings. But the problems faced by one indie restaurateur show that, if anything, it's harder than ever
  3. Phoenix Rising?
    A peek at the future cityscape
  4. Tear Down Town
    It's a knock-down, drag-out for the city's soul
  5. The Devil Went Down to Phoenix
    . . . will it be any better than downtown Tempe?
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