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Inside the Phoenix Shop That Makes Donald Trump Pinatas

by Robert Isenberg | Thursday, November 3, 2016

José David Chavarría did not invent the Donald Trump piñata, but he's probably the most thoughtful craftsman to do so. Raised and educated in Mexico, Chavarría is an accomplished artist who moved his studio to Phoenix 10 years ago. He owns Mundo Piñata, and most of his time is spent creating papier-mâché cartoon characters for children's birthday parties. Yet Chavarría has sculpted several facsimiles of the Republican presidential candidate. For most versions, he pastes an angry-looking photo of Trump's face to a body in a blue suit, although he has created at least one Trump dinosaur. Most of us would find it ironic and funny to watch quinceañera guests smashing a Trump sculpture with a baseball bat, but Chavarría is fairly cerebral about his work. The Phoenix New Times visited his home to hear his thoughts on creating Trump's likeness.

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