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Mutant Pinatas: Where the Wild Things Come From

by Robert Isenberg | Thursday, February 23, 2017

For 10 years, the Mutant Piñata Show has descended on Grand Avenue, filling local galleries with freaky-fun papier-mâché sculptures. The brainchild of artist Beatrice Moore, the show has become an annual downtown Phoenix tradition, combining the old Mexican folk art with hyperactive imaginations. But such a parade of wild beasts begs the question: Where do mutant piñatas come from? All over the place, it turns out. Some are the works of professional artists, others are shaped by creative amateurs, and still others are the early efforts of local students. We visited Kyllan Maney, an art teacher at the New School for the Arts and Academics (NSAA), and watched her students spawn their first creatures.

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