10 Awful Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

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5. Taylor Swift & any of the guys she's dated

We are never ever ever going to think this is a good costume idea. We know you love T-Swift, but do you really hate your man so much that you'd make him be a Jonas brother or the werewolf from Twilight? Plus, haven't you seen how her relationships all work out? Don't put those bad vibes into your relationship.

4. The lead couple from your favorite sitcom

Yes, ladies, you're exactly like Mindy Kaling, Lena Dunham, and/or Zooey Deschanel. Yes, ladies, their shows are totally just like your everyday life. No, ladies, you shouldn't dress up as them and their respective significant others for Halloween. If you want to go as Mindy/Hannah/Jess, then by all means, go as one of them. But try to make it painfully obvious who you are (otherwise almost no one will get it), don't expect anyone to know who you are, and don't make your man go as one of their somewhat generic boyfriends. Because he's not making you be Jenny from The League, Dee from It's Always Sunny, or Jillian from Workaholics, is he?

3. Ebola victims

Every year, there's one costume that pokes fun at whatever horrible tragedy happened recently and shows how tasteless people can be on the Internet. In the past, we've seen couples dressed as the Twin Towers, oil spills, and Boston Marathon runners. We're guessing this year's unnecessarily tasteless costume will be Ebola-themed (since ISIS beheadings would require much more costume preparation). It might seem funny to you and your dark-humored friends, but you should know by now that if a single photo of it leaks on to social media, you're going to be the example of stupid offensive Halloween costumes for the next year.

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