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10 Best Costumes from Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2015 at Phoenix Convention Center

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Chick-Lit Designs

Michelle Wolett isn't your average bibliophile. The local artist not only collects and reads books, she also transforms tomes into usable and functional pieces of art like handbags, purses, and covers for smartphones and other digital devices. And at her booth inside Amazing Arizona Comic Con, she wore an eye-catching skirt adorned with the repurposed pages of a German book from the 1980s. "I took out all the pages, curled 'em, and taped it all together," Wolett says. "It's probably going to fall apart soon." Maybe so, but at the moment it was one of the more unique costumes we saw at the con.

Rainbow Brite

While she wasn't riding a pompous horse named Starlite, hunting for the Sphere of Light, or hanging out with kids like Shy Violet or Buddy Blue at Amazing Arizona, local resident Shannon Page offered a quite convincing Rainbow Brite. The Arizona State University student had the blonde hair and sparkly multicolored dress that are the character's hallmarks and also was carrying a stuffed version of Rainbow Brite's sidekick, Twink.

And since the colorful cartoon character solved a mystery or two back in her '80s heyday, such as tracking down the Dark Princess in the animated movie Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer, Page shares another thing in common with her doppelganger.

Charles zi Britannia and Cornelia li Britannia

If you're a geek, it sometimes can be a blessing to have an S.O. that not only tolerates your fandom but also gets into it as well. Take this married couple that pulled off an excellent cosplay of Emperor Charles zi Britannia and his daughter Cornelia li Britannia from the anime Code Geass. Camren Barry of Phoenix, who portrayed the white-haired emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire, admits that he's a devoted fan of the anime and got his wife, Chivena into it. Ditto for their costume idea for Amazing Arizona.

Like any smart husband, however, he let his better half decide which anime they were going to cosplay. "I'm the bigger fan but I've been getting her into it, so she got to pick what we were doing," Camren says. It wasn't much of struggle. "He introduced me to the series and I fell in love with the character," Chivena says. "And then from there, he said, 'Well, I could be Charles,' and we both got excited about doing it."

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