10 Best Jewelers in Metro Phoenix

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Molina Jewelers

If you want to make a statement, Molina Jewelers is a good place to go. The Phoenix jeweler has a reputation for selling high-end and highly valuable pieces. To give you an idea, a sale associate told us they recently sold a rare one-carat red diamond for $3 million. If you're looking for a piece that makes a serious statement (and possibly a serious dent in your savings account), it might be worth setting up an appointment with Molina Jewelers. Visit


Since 1998, Halo Piercing has been making and filling voids in Phoenicians' lives -- well, physical ones anyway. In addition to its piercing services (you get three free on your 18th and 65th birthday), Halo offers a wide selection of jewelry to accessorize the body: from ear lobes and eyebrows to nostrils and belly buttons. Piercing prices start at $15 for the ears work their way up to $50 as you move down the body. Whether you're looking for megalodon shark teeth ear weights or Swarovski crystal helixes, you're first pick for piercing Jewelry in Phoenix should be Halo. Visit

Against the Grain

If you followed our 2014 Big Brain finalists, frequent Frances and Bunky Boutique, or surf the online shops of Etsy, chances are you already know Ashley Weber's jewelry line, against the grain. The Tempe-based artist single handedly designs, builds, and sells original jewelry pieces that steer clear of the beaten path -- or trail rather. Weber draws her inspiration from nature with delicate earthy pieces that feature metal bangles, turquoise beads, and subtle inscriptions, including this pair of dangling turquoise beaded earring (pictured above) priced at $115. Visit

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