10 Best Jewelers in Metro Phoenix

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Cornelis Hollander

Old Town Scottsdale is a popular jewelry destination for happy couples looking to get hitched. And no engagement tour of this neighborhood would be complete without a visit to Cornelis Hollander. Since 1984, Hollander has been creating signature style rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets with a more modern aesthetic: streamlined designs with large geometric shapes. For those who aren't in the market to propose, but would like a ring for everyday wear, we recommend looking instead to the Elements collection, which does well to embody Cornelis Hollander's contemporary look and offers rings between $75 and $189. Visit

Jewelry by Gauthier

Wearing something from Jewelry by Gauthier is like wearing a fine work of art. While it's easy enough to find any caliber of shiny and pretty in precious stones around the Valley, designer Scott Gautheir acquires rare gems like natural alexandrites, canary diamonds, and star sapphires, then takes them to a whole other level, by creating unique designs that are as contemporary as they are eye-catching (take the the atomic style pearl and diamond necklaces with matching ring pictured above and priced at $16,700 and $22,500, respectively). These hand-crafted pieces are sold at locations in Scottsdale and Santa Barbara. Visit

Robert C. Wesley Jewelers

The Wesley name has been in the Phoenix jewelry scene since 1910. And while much has changed since the store's early days on Central Avenue and Adams, it's commitment to quality has remained the same. Now located in Old Town Scottsdale, the Robert C. Wesley Jewelers, 7088 East Fifth Avenue, is divided into two parts: a Rolex shop and a boutique for women's designer jewelry fashions, including A. Jaffe, Marco Bicego, and Natalie K. They offer their own signature collection which contains custom-made necklaces and earrings. The Rolex pictured above is one of the store's more popular watches and is priced at $42,150. Visit

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