10 Best Neighborhoods in Metro Phoenix

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Windsor Square Camelback Road and Central Avenue Average price of homes for sale: $424,000

Phoenix could hardly be described as a pedestrian-friendly city, unless you happen to live in Windsor Square. The historic neighborhood sits behind one of the most happening intersections in Central Phoenix featuring businesses such as Windsor, Churn, Federal, Tammie Coe Bakery, Postino, Frances, Stinkweeds, Practical Art, and the Uptown Plaza. A tad pricier than other historic 'hoods off Central, yes. But as they say, location, location, location.

Del Norte Place 15th Avenue and Encanto Boulevard Average price of homes for sale: $544,000

The historic district of Del Norte is often overlooked -- or rather driven by -- as downtown locals tour through more prestigious neighborhoods like Palmcroft and Willo. Hiding in plain site, this eclectic suburb of atomic ranches and early 19th century tudors sits across the street from the Forbes-featured Encanto Park and is located within walking distance to the Arizona State Fairgrounds. Plus, compared to historic mansions nearby, these more modestly-sized lots make for a real estate bargain.

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