10 Best Neighborhoods in Metro Phoenix

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Sherwood Heights Oak Street between 56th and 60th streets Average price of homes recently sold: $438,000

We first discovered Sherwood Heights during the Arcadia Edible Garden tour. While Arcadia is often considered the golden child of Central Phoenix, we were caught off guard by the large mid-century finds located in Sherwood Heights. This hilly, secluded Scottsdale 'hood sits elevated between Arcadia and the Papago Mountain Preserve. This small suburb offers varied styles of architecture, nearby hiking trails, and the benefit knowing you're in the center of town but without ever feeling like it.

Rancho Ventura 40th and Oak streets Average price of homes for sale: $329,000

Thanks to Arcadia's ever-increasing popularity, the area's housing prices have gotten as ridiculous as the La Grande Orange parking lot. That is why forward-thinking home buyers are heading south to Rancho Ventura, where an assortment of genuine Ralph Haver homes are patiently awaiting a little TLC. True, some houses are in more desperate shape than others, but for the motivated home improver these perfectly placed fixer-uppers are serious financial investments.

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