10 Best Neighborhoods in Metro Phoenix

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Paradise Gardens 36th Street and Mountain View Road Average price of homes for sale: $458,000

Okay, we know the word "gem" is thrown around far too often in real estate, but there's really no other way to describe the oasis located just off the 51 freeway and Shea. Paradise Gardens was originally developed by Robert Altherr and designed by Al Beadle. However, at some point during there construction, Beadle removed himself from the project making the authenticity of some estates a bit iffy. But that doesn't discredit these beautifully modified and well-preserved homes from the architectural applause they deserve. An aesthetic foil to the Southwestern stucco homes nearby, Paradise Gardens is a short trip to the 1960s and even shorter trip to shopping conveniences like Paradise Valley Mall, the Tatum and Shea shopping centers, and hiking destinations like Trail 100.

Mount Central Place End of Central Avenue and North Mountain Average price of homes for sale: $362,000

Mount Central Place is a solid exception to the usual Sunnyslope stereotype. This gated community, located at very end of Central Avenue and up against the North Mountains, offers close hiking trails and stunning southern views of Phoenix. While this newer neighborhood is more improved than other Sunnyslope suburbs, the area as whole has taken great strides to restore the community with events like historic home tours and the biannual Sunnyslope Art Walk.

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