10 Best Places to Take a Selfie in Metro Phoenix

We've got things to do, places to go, people to see. But first, let's just take a selfie.

Whether you're the king of social media or the queen of your own universe, chances are you like to snap the occasional self-portrait on your smartphone. But when the bathroom mirror backdrop gets old and the Instagram filters feel like they can only carry you so far, how do you step up your selfie game? Here to help you get more likes and some local recognition are the 10 best places in metro Phoenix to take a selfie.

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1. The top of Camelback Mountain

Taking a selfie from the top of Camelback Mountain may not be the easiest feat, but it's well worth the effort. Not only will your pinnacle panoramic give you a breathtaking backdrop, it will also make the people who follow you on social media feel utterly inferior.

2. The Love Sculpture at Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza

Love doesn't much freer than Robert Indiana's "LOVE" at Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza. The 12-foot aluminum statue has served as the setting for wedding announcements, graduation photos, and, of course, the occasional artsy self-portrait. Seriously, guys, if this affectionate fixture doesn't earn you at least one heart emoji, we don't know what will.

3. The Caged Dinosaur at Phoenix Art Museum

We already know why the caged bird sings, now we want to know why you haven't taken a photo with Sui Jianguo's caged dinosaur, formally titled Jurassic Age. Whether you're trying to document is social commentary on Chinese political shifts or you simply want a photo that makes for an interesting caption, this Phoenix Art Museum installation is selfie gold.

4. The Mirrored Bathrooms at Hanny's

When it comes to selfies, less is literally more inside the mirrored bathrooms at Hanny's. The former dressing rooms of an old department store turned bar and restaurant serve as the optimal optical illusion. With hues of pink and seemingly endless reflection, it lets even the left-brained look creative.

5. The murals along Roosevelt Row

So many murals, so little storage space on your phone. You could easily spend the day dropping a pose in front of colorful collected works of artists on Roosevelt Row. Some of our favorite murals include Carrie Marill's Tribute to Margaret Killagenthe on Second Street and Roosevelt, the untitled collaborative painting by Lalo Cota, Pablo Luna, and Thomas "Breeze" Marcus on the side of Carly's Bistro, and Three Birds by Lauren Lee on the side of GreenHaus.

6. With the animals at the Phoenix Zoo

Not of all us can score a selfie with a major celebrity, but we can squeeze in a shot with some of the biggest names in the animal kingdom. When it comes to snapping a selfie with the wild creatures at the Phoenix Zoo, it's all about right time, right place, and making sure you don't piss them off.

7. On the balcony of the Hotel Palomar's Lustre Rooftop Garden

Technically the Lustre Rooftop Garden is neither on the roof nor the top of the 34-story downtown structure that is Hotel Palomar and Cityscape Residences, but it still makes for some pretty stellar shots of the Phoenix skyline. Depending on when you snap this selfie, the background could be filled with clear skies, sunsets, or fireworks from the end of a baseball game.

8. At Gammage Auditorium

There's nothing but interesting angles galore at Gammage Auditorium. The Tempe venue owes its architectural aesthetic to Frank Lloyd Wright, who was commissioned to do the project during the final years of his life. The eight-story building, completed in 1964, delivers bold curves and strikingly resembles to a giant carousel.

9. Inside the Desert Botanical Garden

When it comes to capturing the perfect selfie, sometimes the best bet is to just sit back, relax, and lot mother nature do her thing. The plethora of plants at the Desert Botanical Garden adds some much-needed color and shape to what might otherwise be a sad-looking selfie.

10. The Gilbert Water Tower

We don't know what is about water towers that makes them so fascinating, but it seems that everywhere you look -- in movies, television, and even in the art world -- people are either climbing them, decorating them, or, in our case, taking selfies with them. Whether you're going for that rural vibe in your photos or you simply want to illustrate how small you feel, the water tower is a good place to start.

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