10 Coolest Skaters at Arizona Derby Dames' Opening Bout

Roller derby isn't for the faint of heart. Ask any skater, and you're sure to be met with a string of stories about broken bones and hospital visits. What keeps the skaters going, in spite of the risks? Roller derby is a blast.

Arizona Derby Dames, the state's only banked track all-female roller derby league, kicked off its 10th season on Saturday, September 16, with a double header bout between the Coffin Draggers and the Schoolyard Scrappers, as well as the Bombshells and the Brutal Beauties. Both games were quite competitive and entertaining, as the Coffin Draggers and Bombshells triumphed.

After the game, we caught up with a number of skaters to discuss hip checking and camaraderie, and we captured it on video. Since AZDD doesn't have another bout for a month, we're taking a look at the league's 10 coolest skaters.

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Devotchka DeLarge

Devotchka DeLarge (center) of the Coffin Draggers takes her name from A Clockwork Orange, not the folk or punk bands of the same name. Devotcha sports ghoulish contacts and packs a mean punch on the rink.

Devotchka discussed the importance of her roller derby family in our video (see it below). She previously lived in San Diego, and relied on her roller derby sisters to help her cope with the death of her husband. She cites roller derby as "the longest relationship she has ever been in," and says the sport gave her confidence to love herself and to become a tattoo model.

Nikki Badazz

Who doesn't love a pregnant nun? Nikki Badazz is the captain of the Schoolyard Scrappers. She has a baby due in December, but that hasn't stopped her from coaching her team.

Elizabitch Taylor

She looks awfully comfy, doesn't she? This is Elizabitch Taylor, regally striking a pose from the penalty box. Like the screen queen, Elizabitch is nobody's fool, and she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. In fact, Taylor was ejected from the game for accruing too many penalties. Players are typically ejected after racking up seven major penalties, which include hits above the shoulder. Despite being ejected, she remained in pretty good spirits.

Lumpy Skate Princess

Lumpy Skate Princess (center, with a shove) of the Schoolyard Scrappers is the youngest skater on the league. She started out in the junior league, and faced challenges due to AZDD's grade policy, but eventually improved her performance at school and ended up as one of the league's fastest rising stars.

She was also ejected (she describes her behavior as "doing naughty things"), but Lumpy Skate Princess is fast and has an awesome persona modeled after an Adventure Time character.

Raevyn Lunatik

Remember Lumpy Skate Princess? Raevyn Lunatik is her mom. Raevyn serves as a blocker and pivot for the Bombshells, and helped lead them to victory. Blockers comprise four out of five members of a team who assist the jammer, the skater with a star on her helmet, to skate laps around the opposing team. Blockers have unmarked helmets. A pivot (designated by a striped helmet) is a blocker who can act as a jammer in a pinch. Raevyn and Lumpy will face off in AZDD's January bout.


This skater first caught our attention because she kind of reminds us of a female version of the "I like turtles" zombie kid. Zombabiee of the Coffin Draggers took her name because she is now the second youngest skater on the league (behind Lumpy Skate Princess). Zombabiee is a fierce jammer who successfully scored a bunch of points against the Schoolyard Scappers last weekend.

Scarlett Knockout

The Bombshells' jammer, Scarlett Knockout has some serious skills. Not only did this skater manage to dodge hits while keeping her glasses in tact, she was one of the Bombshells' fastest skaters.

Pocket Change

Scarlett worked in tandem with Pocket Change (center), who is also part of a derby family. Her daughters, Rigamaroo (Coffin Draggers) and Peek atchu (junior league) say they love hip checking their mom in grocery stores.

Bonus: Here's Pocket Change skating laps around the competition.

Dolly Spartan

Yes, we are featuring yet another Bombshells jammer. Dolly Spartan was arguably the fastest skater of both games. She racked up a bunch of points and looked stunning while doing it. Her look was part Dolly Parton, and part '70s roller goddess, with the swiftness of a Spartan queen.

Goody Goody Blooddrop

Last, but certainly not least, is Goody Goody Blooddrop, who proved to have the most endurance of anyone. Goody Goody skated in both bouts, assisting the Schoolyard Scrappers and the Brutal Beauties to put up a good fight. Goody Goody never gave up and kept going strong until the end.

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