10 Cosplay Lessons Learned at San Diego Comic-Con 2013

As far as cosplay goes, San Diego Comic-Con is one of the prime spots for costuming in the country. Attendees of the world's largest comics convention go all out, incorporating lighting, mechanics, and lots of papier-mache into their costumes. During out trip to San Diego Comic-Con 2013, we learned a lot about what to do (and what not to do) in the wild and wonderful world of cosplay. Suit up for these 10 lessons in cosplaying.

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Gender Bending Is Cool.

He-Ursula? She-Joker? He-Harley Quinn? You go, Glenn Coco.

Use Your Imagination.

No one needs to see another Wonder Woman costume. So if Sharknado is your favorite movie, dress as a sharknado.

Be Prepared to Get Stopped.

If your costume is cool enough, you're likely to have your own paparazzi from time to time. Some Characters Are Too Villainous to Cosplay As.

We all love Game of Thrones, but come on! The incest twins?

Bring Tape.

You're not a real giant robot, and those crowds will rip your cardboard bot to pieces. Don't Like To Be Bumped Into? Dress Dainty.

No one has the nerve to run into a dress like this. Respect.

Group Costumes Are Always More Fun.

Even though someone really should have been the Tenth Doctor and not the Eleventh . . . Just sayin'.

Revisit Old Halloween Costumes.

You've always wanted to be a Disney princess. Now that you can fill out those seashells, go for it, girlfriend. Anything Can Be Sexy.

Even semi-sentient time and space ships. (Note how the one on the right is bigger on the inside.)

When All Else Fails, Be Bacon.

Why? Because everyone loves bacon.

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