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10 Emojis Every Arizonan Needs

Thumbs up, crying face, smiling poop — seriously, what did we do before emojis? Talk to each other? Screw that. Lucky for us, our sentiments on these two-dimensional characters have been heard loud and clear. Which is why Unicode Software 7.0 is releasing 250 brand spanking new emojis (spanking not included) in July 2014.

And while we were excited to read the list of new faces, places, and things being added to our phone screens this summer. We must admit, there are a several emojis that Arizonans still definitely need.

10. Tan line face

Look, we're all familiar with the sunglasses emoji face. But what happens to this poor guy when the shades come off after a long day of spring training, pool-partying, and golfing? Sunglasses tan lines. That's what.

9. Inner tube

Come spring and summer time, there's really no better way to convey your day to day agenda than the inner tube. From water parks to resorts to the great outdoors, the inner tube is vital accessory all things lazy and enjoyable.

Plus it doubles at a doughnut. (Insert thumbs up emoji.)

8. Haboob Whether you're warning your friends of impending bad weather or letting them know you just farted, a dusty storm cloud rolling in is pertinent to life in the Southwest.

7. Marijuana Leaf

With medical marijuana now a thing of the present, the marijuana leaf is your go-to symbol for celebration, chronic pain, and the reason why you're two hours late.

6. ASU Pitchfork

Being one of the largest colleges in the country with campuses expanding throughout Tempe, downtown, and West Phoenix, we believe Arizona State University's pitchfork would get good use as an emoji.

5. Burrito

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the burrito is always a safe bet for an Arizonan. Add that to you misspelled late night text messages and it also does well to convey how drunk you are.

4. Soleri Bell

"Hey what should I get so-and-so for such-and-such occasion?" Your reply: Soleri bell emoji. Done.

3. Scorpion

The scorpion emoji helps to illustrate how your night is going, what it's like living near a mountain, and incidentally how you feel about some of your co-workers.

2. Chihuahua

Whether you thinking of getting one as a pet, finding one on the street, racing them in Chandler, or having your entire town be terrorized by them, the chihuahua emoji is key.

1. Pink Underwear

Because what better way to tell your family you're taking a trip to Tent City than a nice pink panty emoji?

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