10 Favorite Drag Queens in Metro Phoenix

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Lady Christian

It's hard to choose an adjective to describe Lady Christian. "Fierce" might be one. "Experienced" could be another. But one thing is for sure, the veteran drag queen has plenty of stories after performing for nearly a decade.

"When I turned 19 years old, I sang gospel music professionally for three years before deciding I wanted to come out," she says. "I went about two years without performing after I came out, and then decided to create a character that was unlike anything that was out on the market at that time. I created Lady Christian and have been doing that ever since."

"My first job in the gay industry was working at a gay bar as a bouncer," she says. "They used to stick me all the way down at the end of the street to watch the cars, so [when] there'd be a fight at the bar or whatever and they'd always accuse me of going behind the dumpster and turning tricks and that's why they couldn't get a hold of me if there was a problem. And I'd always reply to them, 'Number one, I'm a lady, and number two, I'm a Christian,' so they started calling me Lady Christian."

The lady hosts her main show, Lady Christian's Trailer Trash Revue, at the Rock on the last Friday of every month. Her other monthly gigs include performances at Kobalt on the first Wednesday of each month and a monthly Sunday brunch at Harley's Italian Bistro. Starting in July, she'll join Gardens and St. James for their new weekly gig at BS West every Monday.

"The door is wider in this industry than it was when I first started. I blame a lot of it on RuPaul, and that's a good thing and a bad thing," she says. "There used to be a time where if you wanted to perform onstage you earned your way. A lot of the new girls come up expecting to be at a certain level. But [they] force us to push the limits a little bit. There's a lot of talent that's coming up -- and coming out."

Kira Daniels

26-year-old Kira Daniels may be one of the youngest ladies on our list, but that doesn't make her any less talented. Daniels, a trained dancer, promises high energy shows with a wit to match. She cites her best friends and desire to be "the best entertainer I can be" as her inspirations, and it's worked so far. Last year she made first alternate to Miss Gay Missouri USofA Newcomer 2013, won first place for overall talent and placing third nationwide (second alternate) at Miss Gay USofA Newcomer competition.

"I started as a backup dancer, [then became] a choreographer for drag queens," she says, "I loved the art in all of their different transformations. There is almost every different type of performer here in the Valley, you just gotta find out where they are performing."

The entertainer, once crowned Miss BS West 2012 and Miss Supernova Newcomer (2012), regularly guest stars next to Olivia Gardens when not hosting her own events like Kira Daniels' Tic Toc Revue at Zoan.

"I'm not at a specific weekly venue or bar," she says, "I like to try and give everyone a lil' slice of Kira. [Audiences] will be entertained by not only my dance moves but my quick tongue!"

Daniels (whose real name is Topher Freeman) is a newbie with a lot of promise -- and résumé to match. This Amazonian lady is one to watch.

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