10 Memoirs Every 20-Something Woman Should Read

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Bedwetter by Sarah Silverman

If you didn't appreciate Sarah Silverman already, her memoir should be a game-changer. Bedwetter follows the ups, downs, and in betweens of Silverman's life from childhood to adulthood, highlighting the moments that guided her to where she is now.

Bedwetter lends value to Silverman's groundbreaking style of comedy, noting the thoughts and people that shaped her humor. But it's not all laughs. Between wetting the bed well past a typical age and battling depression at the early age of 13, Silverman comes across as talented but vulnerable.

"My early trauma was a gift, it turned out, in a vocation where your best headspace is feeling that you have nothing to lose."

I Don't Care About Your Band by Julie Klausner

Julie Klausner doesn't care about your band, guys. She also doesn't care if you think she's a slut or if women are funny. In this somewhat edgy, and very much revealing memoir, Klausner recalls past flames, one-night stands, dating failures, STDs, and early sexual awakening. Filled with sharp pop-culture references, modern day philosophies on dating, and embarrassing bedroom tales that will make you feel good about your own life, Klausner's book has been described as "the girl version of High Fidelity."

"I took my cues from Piggy, chasing every would-be Kermit in my vicinity with porcine veracity and what I thought was feminine charm. I was agressive. I never went through a "boys are gross" phase - I'd find a crush and press my hoof to the gas pedal. I wasn't the girl who couldn't say no -- I was the one who wouldn't hear it."

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