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10 Most Hated Game of Thrones Characters

Everyone we love on Game of Thrones dies. Well, actually, pretty much everyone dies on the show regardless. Some of the hurt of losing beloved characters is lessened by the way George R. R. Martin crafts his bad to the bone villains, making their eventual demise that much more satisfying. But before he does that you pretty much hate them more than anyone or anything you've ever hated.

Don't read this if you haven't seen seasons one through three and the first few episodes of season four. You've been warned.

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There's not much you can say in defense of a man who only keeps his girl children so he can marry them and make more girl children with them later. Just disgusting. Plus, he feeds his sons to White Walkers. Pretty much no one ever was sad to see him go, and we're glad Gilly was freed of him.

Viserys Targarayen

Chances are when Khal Drogo finally "crowned" Viserys with molten gold you were jumping for joy. First time we meet him, he's basically selling his sister off as a sex slave for his own gain. He treats her and everyone around him like they're lesser, but at least he gets his comeuppance.

Roose Bolton

He. Killed. Robb. Stark. If that heartbreaking betrayal weren't enough, he also sent his awful son to burn Winterfell down and then blamed it on Theon. He's one of those characters that we can't wait to see die someday and we know there's a special place in hell reserved for his duplicity.

Balon Greyjoy

Speaking of Greyjoys, Theon may be bad, but his dad Balon is way worse. Every bad deed Theon did could be traced back to his desire to please his estranged father, the stone-faced ironborn ruler of the Iron Islands.

Walder Frey

Remember that Red Wedding? It was all Walder Frey's doing. Sure, Tywin Lannister had a hand in it all, but Frey provided the venue and swords that brought the Stark house down. He had Talisa stabbed her pregnant stomach and then laughed as Robb held her for the last time. Plus his view of women as disposable makes us think violent thoughts. We really couldn't hate anyone anymore than we hate Walder Frey.

Lysa Arryn

There are a lot of people who do really awful things on Game of Thrones, and then there's Catelyn Stark's sister Lysa. She isn't the worst on the show, but surely she is the most delusional. If you weren't seriously disturbed by her breast feeding antics, you likely have something very wrong with you. Her awful little mama's boy son is a product of her over coddling. Plus, she didn't help her sister out. Thanks for nothing, Lysa.

Ramsay Snow

A bastard in every sense of the word, Ramsay Snow was kind of cool at first, giving Theon some much needed punishment for his bad deeds. However, he took things to such an extreme, sadistic, dehumanizing level that you begin to feel sorry for Theon, whose manhood was maimed in the process. Even Snow's father Roose Bolton doesn't agree with all of Snow's tactics, and, as we mentioned earlier, Roose sucks.

Kraznys mo Nakloz

You might be shocked to hear that a slave trader is a disrespectful jerk, but yeah. Kraznys treated humans worse than animals and completely underestimated our girl Dany in every way. She speaks Valyrian, you dolt. We've got just one word for him: dracarys.

Pyat Pree

That dragon stealing scoundrel. Pyat, the warlock from Qarth, is pretty much one of the creepiest people ever of all time. His little self-duplication murder trick combined with his sallow-cheeked, sickly complexion definitely reminds us of an even more enervated Grima Wormtongue. And a dracarys to you too, Pyat.

Joffrey Baratheon

Did you really think we'd leave this little inbred twerp off the list? His showing in "The Purple Wedding" was almost too relentlessly awful to bear for all but the last five minutes of the episode. However, the scene where he forces one prostitute to beat her comrade to death for his own enjoyment is definitely one of his worst moments. He also tortures Sansa for no reason. Man, did we enjoy watching him turn blue.

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