10 Phoenix Emoji You Need on Your Phone

Yes, there's already cactus. And a grinning sunshine wearing sunglasses. But is that really enough to represent your Phoenix-ness when it comes to our favorite form of self-expression, the emoji? We didn't think so. Here's a set of emoji we wish would come to our phones, and soon. 

Demented Sun: It's a cruel, cruel summer. 

Joe Arpaio Pink Boxers: These may soon be a collector's item, but we fear they'll long remain an icon of the world's most self-aggrandizing sheriff.

Tovrea Castle: Our favorite local building.

Douchey Scottsdale Sunglasses: The uniform for a certain part of town. 

Dias De Los Muertos Skull: An homage to our most interesting holiday. 

Gila Monster: Scare your East Coast friends with this one. 

Cowboy Boot: The ultimate Phoenix fashion statement. 

Diamondback: Doubles as a sports reference. 

Road Runnner: Beep beep! 

Sweaty Face: Because, let's face it, for much of the year this is what we all look like. 

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