10 Rules for Having a One-Night Stand

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Suggest going to a hotel, if you're not comfortable with your place.

Realistically, you should go to whoever's place the two of you can agree upon. That said, we can't blame ladies for not wanting one-night stands to know where they live, because there are a lot of creepers out there who we wouldn't want knowing our home address either. A hotel (or other neutral ground) is always best, if possible (then no one worries about getting stalked). Offering your place as a suggestion has the added benefit of showing that you're confident enough in your pad that you can bring someone back without any time to clean or prepare it for them.

Don't be too aggressive.

It's cool to take charge, a lot of people are really into having their partner do that, but the trick is knowing where to draw the line before it comes off as too overpowering. You generally won't know how assertive he/she's comfortable with you being until you get close to that line, so we suggest slowly building into it until you're confident that he/she's into it. The last thing you want is for the person to feel uncomfortable. It's just not worth it.

Know where your belongings are.

One of the best/worst morning-after experiences we've ever had involved walking out of a one-night stand's house only to find our car missing from the driveway. It's a long story as to where our car ended up, but the moral is that you always want to know where your important possessions are. You may be too intoxicated to drive to your one-night stand, so it can be a really good idea sometimes to text yourself (or someone else) where you parked once you realize that you might not be driving home that night. On second thought, don't text it, because your phone could be dead by the morning, just write it on the back of your receipt or other scrap of paper and throw it in your pocket/purse. Hopefully, you won't lose track of your pants or purse in the morning.

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