10 Rules for Having a One-Night Stand

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Don't pursue too much after.

Sometimes, you'll really hit it off with someone who you thought was just a one-night stand, and things will blossom into a beautiful relationship (or at least a few weeks of casual sex), but you can't count on that. Just like you wouldn't want a former mistake texting you for the next two weeks trying to see you again, you might not have earned the full weekend pass with your single-serving lover. We're pretty certain you don't want to be perceived as desperate, creepy, or stalker-ish, so if you contact the person once or twice and he/she doesn't respond, don't take it personally, just accept it for what it was.

If it starts getting weird, get out.

Let's face it, having a one-night stand with someone is a pretty weird thing in general. Two people (who likely never have met before) randomly decide to go back to one of their places of residence (or hotel) and get it on for a night with little to no intention of seeing each other again. One of the biggest mistakes we hear about people making is when they get all of the warning signs that something's about to go terribly wrong, and yet they stick around. We're all for being a good person, but if things get sketchy (you notice that all of his/her photos are turned away from the bed) or awkward (you start sucking face and he/she starts sobbing), it's probably a better idea to grab your things and leave than to stick around and be the shoulder to cry on. The $40 cab ride home will likely be a lot less of a burden than whatever you would've incurred had you spent the night.

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