10 Things We've Learned from Tinder

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10. Nobody knows how to start a conversation.

It isn't much of a surprise that (much like in real life) women generally wait for the men to strike up a conversation with them on Tinder. However, we didn't expect how bad most guys would be at starting up a conversation. We've seen some of the stuff that other guys use to open with girls on Tinder, and it kind of makes us ashamed to share a sex with them. Lines like "Hey! What's up?" are safe, but boring, while more direct openers such as "I think you're really hot and want to see if you're cool," might be a little too straightforward. Guys, unless you're really that confident in your flirting abilities, we'd recommend taking a shot at making her laugh within the first few messages. That'll put you three steps ahead of most of your Tindering competition.

9. Some people seem to have no idea what Tinder is for.

We never entirely believe them, but there are a surprising amount of people (men and women) who join Tinder despite being married/engaged/in a serious relationship and claim to just be "looking for friends." Maybe they're unfamiliar with how Tinder works, but unless you're looking to pick your friends based on their Facebook photos, it seems like a bad place to go for platonic camaraderie. We're sure there are other social media apps and websites out there to help coupled-up folks make friends, or they could always just try going out into the world (with or without their significant other) to meet people.

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