10 Things We've Learned from Tinder

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5. People get very judgmental when looking at a stranger's profile pictures.

Have you ever scrolled through Tinder with your friends around? It's like everyone becomes the Simon Cowell of dating, and swiping right on the wrong person is definitely going to end in marriage. Sure, maybe her nostrils are a little bigger than would be ideal, or maybe he's got a weird freckle on his cheek that's kind of shaped like Australia if you squint, but is the smallest imperfection really enough to justify not even giving that person a chance to get to know you? Let's not forget, Tinder isn't designed to find Mr(s). Right, it's much more to find Mr(s). Right Now, and we doubt anyone's ever turned down a one-night stand because it kind of looked like the other person's earlobes might not be the same size.

4. The thirst is real.

We kind of knew the types of things that people were willing to do and say to get into the pants of an attractive member of the opposite sex, but we weren't fully prepared for what gets said on Tinder. Not only is the app full of corny compliments and cheesy pickup lines, but at the slightest hint of interest in any kind of physical action, the conversation almost immediately spirals out of control. We're not saying this is exclusive to Tinder, but a woman could give a guy an address halfway around the world and tell him to come over, and there are an awful lot of guys who would book a plane ticket that minute. It's a thirsty, desperate world out there, folks, and Tinder is the breeding grounds.

3. Most people lie about themselves.

Sure, we've all withheld a bit of information about ourselves in an effort to appear more flawless to the opposite sex, but it seems like deceit and dishonesty are just par for the course on Tinder. We're not talking about the guys/gals who say they're funny in their profiles when all they do is repeat tired Dane Cook jokes, we're talking about people using blatantly misleading photos and/or information to get a match, number, or actual date. If you're using a photo from three years ago before you gained 50 pounds, that's lying. If you're claiming to be a high-powered businessman when you really work in a call center, that's also lying. If you forget to mention that you're engaged with a two-year-old, then you're either lying or should get your head examined for memory loss.

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