10 Tinder Tips for Women

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7. Don't post photos of just your body if you're looking for a relationship.

It's cool to show some cleavage or leg on Tinder, maybe even in a lingerie shot. That is, if you're looking for guys who just want to hook up. But if you're on the hunt for Mr. Right (which is a bold ambition on Tinder), then you may want to cover up a little bit and/or actually include your face in a photo. We would never tell you not to show off your body, but we're absolutely telling you not to solely show off your body if you want guys to want you for more than your body.

6. Do say something more than "Hey :)".

We know how hard it can be to break the ice in messages after you match with someone on Tinder, but you should really have something a little better than "Hey :)" lined up. Maybe it's as simple as giving us a compliment about what you liked in our photos/bio, or maybe it's just letting us know of a common interest you noticed we shared. Pretty much anything is better than "Hey :)", and quite a few guys out there will give you bonus points for dropping a joke or awesome pop culture reference as an opener.

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