Courting Disaster

10 Worst Breakup Lines Ever

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9. "I feel like we've grown apart as people."

As opposed to growing apart as plants? By using the word growth you're insinuating that there's been some sort of personal evolution. His part-time job at Staples and her insistence on calling her father "daddy" say otherwise.

8. "I think we should see other people."

Translation: "I want to see other people. You might as well do that too, I guess."

7. "So where do you think this is going?"

Trick question. It doesn't matter where I think it's going. But nice try at that whole therapist angle, you turd.

6. "I feel like we're better as friends."

Because friends don't let friends sleep with just one person. To commemorate this newly forged friendship please accept this friendship bracelet which I will now choke you with.

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